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Early notification of a fire saves lives?

Fire Alarms & Detection


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Fire Alarms & Detection

Alerting you before it’s too late

Fire Brigade Response

Whether it’s a kitchen fire, electrical fault, accidental event or malicious incident, a fire invades the very fabric of your home and destroys treasured possessions for ever. And with 275 fatal fires in England alone in 2013-14, fire detection systems are an essential addition to any home.


Our fire safety experts will assess your property and whatever the shape, size, location and occupancy, will discuss and explain all the options for fire detection that best suit your home.


Complementary to this, and to protect all occupants from the lethal unspent fumes that a fault in the central heating boiler can cause, carbon monoxide detectors can be easily integrated to your smoke/heat detection system, alerting you to the escape of toxic gases.


Couple this with the added convenience of having keyholders contacted should there be an activation of any kind whilst you’re not present at the property, and you have a complete, integrated and streamlined system that’s easy to use and highly affordable.


And we don’t stop there. If you’re a landlord we can also design the optimal system for flats, apartments and Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO), ensuring that British Standards and Fire Safety Regulations are fully complied with.


Fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors save lives. Structured, modern, reliable and bespoke, your system will provide vital seconds for evacuation and the summonsing of help, protecting your family, your property, and those cherished belongings that mean so much.


Further informative links to help in your quest to keep your home safe are Neighbourhood Watch and the Fire Service.

A fire can destroy your business in seconds! A fully integrated system will help safeguard your company, so take a look at how you can combine your fire detection equipment with an Burglar Alarm, Access Control and CCTV system for a total solution.

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