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Are your Security measures enough?

Burglar Alarms


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Burglar Alarms

Audible Notification

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58% of burglaries take place in the evening or night and 34% occur at the weekend


With over one million burglaries and attempted burglaries occurring every year, protecting your home has never been so important. From iPads to iPods, TVs to tiaras, blu-rays to Blackberries, our homes have become a repository for the technology that defines us and forms part of our lives. Many burglaries are opportunistic, with portable items being the object of choice to be quickly gathered up and skilfully removed. And whilst the financial impact is hard enough to bear, the loss of those items, the disturbance to daily routine and the feeling of distress and insecurity can be something that’s never forgotten.


Are your security measures enough?


A burglar alarm is an immediate visible deterrent and is the first line in your defence when someone with criminal intent approaches. Whether you have an audible alarm or a monitored system, your home and its contents, together with your family will all be protected.


Our friendly expert team are here to advise you on all the options available, and with the advance of wireless technology, installation can be quick, easy, non-invasive and reliable.


So whether it’s your earphones or iPhones you want to keep safe, play station or work station, vintage jewellery or vintage jacket, we can provide a suitable system for you, your home, and your family – with complete packages starting from just £149.


For more information on the devices associated with burglar alarm systems click here.

Further informative links to help in your quest to keep your home safe are Neighbourhood WatchSecured By Design, and

And for that extra feeling that your assets are safe and secure, why not combine your Burglar Alarm with Fire Detection, or complement it with a CCTV system? The integration of security systems has never been easier.

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