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Environmental Alarms


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Environmental Alarms

Flood Detection

Power Protection

Gas and Noxious Substances Detection

Did you know that the winter of 2013 – 2014 was the wettest on record?


Thousands of homes and businesses were flooded, causing devastating damage, destroying vehicles, homes, offices, warehouses and equipment. Could your business cope with the downtime and disruption caused by a flood or the environmental changes that come with our turbulent climate?


Harsh winters can cause pipes to freeze and equipment to malfunction such as air conditioning and power supplies. An environmental alarm can detect such fluctuations along with abnormal water flow from plumbing appliances to alert you of any inconsistencies. Internal document libraries and IT rooms require an ambient temperature to protect both paper and electronic assets and a sudden surge in high temperatures could put your backup and chronicles in jeopardy.


Flooding: Water damage is now an increasing concern for everyone and flooding is being experienced in previously flood-free areas.


Now all businesses can benefit immensely from flood detection equipment.


Climate control: Essential business assets in the form of stock and equipment can often be saved if you are warned of fluctuating temperatures or pressures.


For businesses that use or store items such as food or organic products, liquids, chemicals, artefacts, records or other susceptible objects that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, or changes in humidity or pressure, then we can install detection equipment to provide a safe environment for those valuable assets as well. The escape of gases and noxious substances can also be covered so that you and your entire compliment of staff, residents, customers and visitors can be safely evacuated.


Would you be grateful for an early warning of rising water levels or change in ambient humidity? Whatever your situation, we’ve got it covered!


Being provided with that vital extra time to ensure that people, stock, vehicles and equipment could be moved to a safe area allows real control, and more importantly, peace of mind.


Even car parks, outbuildings and entrance/exit routes can be included!


We can answer any queries you have and survey your premises to inform you exactly where sensors would be most beneficial, including –

  • Sensors – type, location, cabling
  • Notification – sounders, lights, auto-diallers, keyholders, response
  • Control system – control panel, siting, power-cuts & battery back-up, support, maintenance


Don’t let an extreme weather event or other incident ruin your business. It’s your livelihood and what you’ve worked hard for. If you need more information about the impact of flooding, extreme weather events or changes in environmental conditions then just leave it to us!


Environmental alarms can be seamlessly integrated into your intruder alarm system, providing a comprehensive and effortless all round arrangement for complete protection.


We’ll help you to protect what’s yours.

Call 0800 0194261 today and protect your business.


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