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Access Control


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Access Control

Fingerprint recognition

Protect your kingdom from unwanted intruders

Door Access Control

Are you always aware of who is entering your premises, or a particular part of it? Do you want to keep your building or complex safe and secure at all times, including its residents, patients, visitors and employees?


Yes? Then Access Control is what’s required for you and your business.


Subtle yet effective, Access Control systems have also proven to deter workplace crime and avoid unwanted intrusions and movement into sensitive or prohibited areas.


Computerised access control is not only versatile, but convenient, safe and extremely flexible to use. It can even cope with changes in personnel or building layout, and can be quickly updated as your business expands or evolves.


But it’s not just for the entrance and exit points of your main building!


Gates, barriers, bollards and vehicle entry systems can also prove to be indispensable in the fight against theft, damage and unauthorised movement – so don’t forget about your driveways, outbuildings, storage areas, garages, car parks, fleet vehicle areas or high value stock areas as these can also be covered for total security.


If you’re new to Access Control, or need to update an existing system, read on!


We have expertise in all access control matters and are here to advise you, so let us take you through what you need to know.


  • Cards & key fobs – proximity and contactless cards/fobs, swipe cards, key cards
  • Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) – keypads, location, applications
  • Biometrics – use for authentication, finger print and palm print access, scanners and software, convenience
  • Audio and Video Intercom – location, door release, wireless systems, multiple access points
  • Gates, barriers & bollards – siting, style and construction, monitoring, perimeter control, aesthetics, remote activation, emergency activation, impact resistance, electro-hydraulic operation (bollards)


Whether installing a small-scale door entry device, or a larger, multi-application scheme, you can prevent unauthorised entry into your business premises by incorporating a seamless and flexible Access Control system.


But don’t stop there! Why not consider integrating your Fire Alarm system with it too? Combining perfectly to give all-round coverage and safety, it will allow vital escape routes to be monitored and controlled, providing a trustworthy addition to your arrangements.


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