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Access Control


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Access Control

Fingerprint recognition

Protect your kingdom from unwanted intruders

Door Access Control

Access Control


Installing an access control system in your business premises is a great step towards combating burglary and vandalism. It allows you to control who enters your premises and also what parts of the building or complex they can access. Whether you want to protect people and assets in your office, reduce theft in your retail outlet or increase security measures in your factory, there are a number of options to choose from.


We provide quality equipment and professional installation conforming to the latest safety regulations. Services we commonly supply include:


  • Contactless cards and key fobs


  • Biometrics for authentication, including finger and palm print access


  • Audio and video intercom with features such as door release, wireless systems and multiple access points


  • IP based security systems


An integrated access control system is versatile, convenient and extremely flexible to use. It can cope with changes in personnel or building layout and can be quickly updated as your business expands or evolves.


Also, it doesn’t just protect the entrance and exit points of your main building, the right access control system can provide total security, including outbuildings, storage areas for high value stock, garages and car parks.


Automated Access


If you’re looking to restrict unauthorised access to your business premises, automated entry is a great solution. City, suburb or rural location, automated gates, barriers, bollards and vehicle entry systems can prove to be indispensable in the fight against theft, damage and unauthorised movement.


Reasons to automate:


  • Security – whether your property is located in the city or at the end of a remote country lane, automated entry acts as a deterrent to thieves


  • Privacy – keep unwanted visitors off your property


  • Convenience – perimeter control with remote activation


Already have automated entry? We provide a free inspection of your existing gates, barriers or bollards. Our trained personnel are qualified to inspect and assess the equipment to check it complies with safety standards and will provide you with a full report and guidance on any recommended updates.


Call today to discuss your access control needs and take advantage of our free on-site survey and risk assessment.


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Additional Information

We are a CAME approved installer which is the only company/manufacturer we use for automation.



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